• Infrared emitters
  • Infrared emitters

Infrared emitters

By using infrared emitters of Heraeus, a big number of thermal applications in production and research can be accelerated. This is because infrared radiant heat is very efficient and has only minor losses due to heat transfer.

Applications are for example:

  • Deburring of plastic products
  • Drying and curing of coatings
  • Molding, embossing, laminating
  • Drying and sintering of printed electronics

The infrared emitters are made of high-quality quartz tubes and can be equipped with a gold reflector or a QRC® reflector (quartz reflective coating) for highest efficiency.

The emitters are available as short-wave, medium-wave and fast medium-wave infrared emitters. Therefore, the optimal wave length can be chosen for the material to be heated. Dimensions and filaments are custom-made for your heating process.

The infrared emitters are also available for special geometries, e.g. omega-shaped, in order to heat edges, corners, rims and small surfaces.

Your advantages:

  • Saving space as there is neither contact nor an intermediate medium required
  • Reduced process times due to the short reaction time of the infrared emitters
  • Saving energy because of the targeted use of warmth