A Battery of Savings

Weiss Technik provides advanced technology and savings to OEM Automotive Manufacturer for Battery Testing

Providing a price without asking questions or asking for additional details is one way to provide a quote for an environmental test chamber.

Another way to provide a quote is to ask some specific questions, get details on the application and help find solutions to the quote request. Weiss Technik did just this for an OEM Automotive manufacturer. The client’s original request called for large chambers to do automotive battery thermal cycling testing.

Discussion started with scope of work, chamber size required, ramp rates, and testing profile needed. With battery testing, there are EUCAR hazard levels that are required to be followed depending on the level of testing needed. The EUCAR hazard level will help determine the chamber design. Weiss Technik provided the expertise to help the customer with this step.

Original requirements from customer involved a pit for the chamber that required an 8” drop down. Weiss Technik recommended and designed a 4” drop down with a ramp, that significantly reduced the DUT changeover saving time and money. Because of the highly volatile nature of battery testing, the chamber seal is a critical component. Weiss Technik designed a special double overlap seal to keep any battery leakage inside the chamber, a key safety feature for the chamber. Pneumatic latches were also specified for the chamber in case of battery explosion, another key safety feature. Both safety features eliminated contamination risks at the site.

Facility requirements were reviewed to be sure the chamber set up passed local codes. One requirement was for any drains from the chamber had to be captured and not be put into the standard building drain. A special drain and capturing system had to be constructed, along with other requirements including building ducting and chamber venting.

Weiss Technik North America engineering manager Dwayne Botruff was involved in early stages of the project quote discussions. “Weiss Technik brought in many ideas to the process. It was a very consultative process where both parties were deeply involved. This allowed for an accurate and detailed quote for the customer”.  Weiss Technik was not the lowest bid on the project, but provided the exact chamber for which the customer was looking for.

Another major advantage in the project was the introduction of the LEEF (Leading Energy Efficiency Footprint). LEEF Technology offered the customer substantial energy savings, up to 70% more control accuracy and up to 60% faster ramp rates. All these customer benefits showed that Weiss Technik was the right choice.

In doing the calculations for energy savings alone, the customer saved over $86,000 PER YEAR on using the Weiss Technik chamber solution! The total cost of ownership of the project was a large benefit to the customer.  

Customer consultation is very important in fully understanding the test requirements. Trust Weiss Technik to help you in designing a test chamber that fits your exact testing requirements.

See link for the Weiss Technik Battery Testing Safety Options flyer: