• SteriEvent Hot Air Sterilisers for Cleanroom Classes ISO 5 and ISO 7
  • SteriEvent Hot Air Sterilisers for Cleanroom Classes ISO 5 and ISO 7

SteriEvent Hot Air Sterilisers for Cleanroom Classes ISO 5 and ISO 7

With products in the pharmaceutical, medical, gene-tech, biotech and food industries facing a constant increase in safety standards, the Weiss Technik SteriEvent Hot Air Steriliser has been developed to provide quick, safe and cost-efficient dry heat sterilisation.

Dry heat sterilisation is the most favourable alternative, as this method requires nothing but hot air, significantly accelerating the sterilisation process and saving not only time, but money too. Due to the high temperatures, no chemicals are needed to achieve full sterilisation. All sizes are available as stand-alone devices as well as ready for wall installation. We even offer pass-through versions with doors on both the front and back to separate your cleanroom from the unsterile area. In this design, the doors are equipped with an electric lock so only one door can be opened at a time.

The product line SteriEvent consists of two clean room classes. Thanks to the integrated HEPA circulating air filter, the requirements of the ISO 5 clean room class are met in the sterilisation chambers of the SteriEvent ISO 5. The filter is an absolute filter (HEPA) and is positioned directly in front of the air intake in the sterilisation chamber. The laminar flow technology ensures a laminar streaming condition with particularly homogeneous temperature distribution.

For units according to ISO 7, the air is continuously circulated and evenly distributed in the sterilisation chamber resulting in only minimal temperature deviations.

  • Safe sterilisation at temperatures of up to 250 °C and 350 °C – throughout the full sterilisation cycle including heating and cooling for maximum sample and product protection
  • Unproblematic operation of facility
  • Simple maintenance and cleaning
  • Safe working conditions, as there is no danger from hazardous additives
  • Excellent ecological properties
  • Low operation costs
  • Sterilisers of vötschtechnik® comply with the DIN EN ISO 20857:2013 standard
  • ISO 5 or ISO 7 clean room class in accordance to DIN EN ISO 14644-1
  • GMP and FDA conformity
  • Pharma qualification package
  • Comprehensive options e.g. pass-through version and process visualisation


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