Webspecial ICT

Interview Mathias Köster

Head of ICT division

What are the current developments in the field of IT cooling?
At the moment we can realize two parallel developments: On the one hand, new centres of the data centre world are emerging. In South-East Asia and Singapore in particular, Microsoft, Amazon, Equinix and other big players are building gigant HyperScale data centres with very small footprints. The requirements made on the cooling technology are correspondingly high. On the other hand, the demand for compact and flexible cooling solutions for smaller server rooms and modular stations is also growing.

What does this mean for cooling technology?
In the new data centre hubs the trend is moving away from classic CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioning) with raised floor and cold aisle. Rather, cool wall solutions with hot aisle and without raised floor are being used more and more often. These reduce space requirements and can cope better with the increasing server rack load. In contrast, compact devices which make the combination of mechanical and indirect or direct free cooling possible are required for smaller server rooms. 

What are the technical challenges involved?
Operational safety and economic feasibility continue to be the drivers of the industry, of course. In addition, the energy density and thus the performance of the systems per floor area is becoming more and more important. Furthermore, the demand for heavily customised systems is also growing, in order to achieve maximum possible customer benefits. Our aim is to offer innovative and highly efficient solutions for the respective requirements for new systems, expansions and retrofits.

Efficient cooling of data centres and server rooms

Weiss Technik offers future-proof cooling and air conditioning solutions

More and more computing power on less and less floor space, and changing technological standards – new server generations make new cooling concepts necessary for information and communication technology (ICT). Weiss Technik supplies versatile solutions which are tailor-made to the respective requirements and work economically and reliably even under extreme conditions.

Powerful cooling for HyperScale data centres

Constantly increasing quantity of waste heat, limited space and ever heavier server racks demand innovative air conditioning solutions. These must be able to dissipate high thermal loads reliability and efficiently. In addition, they should be able to be adapted flexibly and in a modular way to the data centre. With Vindur® CoolW@ll® Weiss Technik is offering a custom-fit solution which can be used either with classic cold aisle containment or with hot aisle containment.

Scalable air conditioning for telecommunication

No matter whether as a new installation, as expansion of existing air conditioning equipment or a replacement solution for telecommunication stations: with Vindur® CoolMaster DX iFC Weiss Technik offers a compact air conditioning combination comprising mechanical and indirect free cooling for almost any structural requirement. Stable cooling is generated by direct evaporation, with the external air being used for additional cooling. This allows more than 50 % of the energy costs to be saved compared with conventional split air conditioning units, even with loaded external air.

Global service safeguards data centres

Maximum technical availability requires fast and competent on-site service. For this reason, Weiss Technik provides a global network of qualified service technicians including local spare parts supplies. The services offered range from consultation through installation and preventative maintenance to the repair service – including various 24/7 service level agreements on request.